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LOVE + THOUGHTFULNESS FIRST - in creating, purchasing, and educating


IT'S NOT JUST AN ITEM - it’s spun with care, sewn, washed + infused w/ color as an art. its story starts with a root in the earth


IT'S A MEDITATION - on empowering our daughters + sons, sisters + brothers, past + present




1/ to provide and share intentionally crafted pieces + undergarments made of quality materials that are as close to nature as possible. In doing so, we honor the beauty of your nature, body and its connection to Mother Earth, as well as close the loop on non-biodegradable undergarments heading to landfill at the end of use 


2/ to lead and empower a community of women to support each other and to propagate the ethos that all boats rise via the actions and practices of our business. If one of us wins, we all do. We seek to connect a powerful online and face-to-face network of goddesses, thoughtful consumers and lifelong learners. It is through this connection that we aim to actively influence positive social + environmental evolution on behalf of the Whole.


"when looking for intimates, I found it hard to find actually sustainable products + pieces that integrate seamlessly into the natural cycles of the earth of which we are a part-- without plastics, chemicals, tons of energy or water wastage. I found a lot of marketing and not enough honest options, so I set out to make sure that we all have a chance to live in line with a philosophy of doing less harm.


I wanted to make something both elegant and sturdy for our bodies; pieces that could handle all the joy, the carrying, lifting, nourishing, playing, commuting, relaxing, errands, gathering, learning and teaching we do. Through researching the history and traditions of lingerie, I’ve seen just how much we have pushed and shoved our bodies, covered up, tightened and trapped ourselves. It’s time we unearth that which is profoundly perfect already


As women it is our duty to breathe, to move, to create and really embody our natural selves in this world (and make space for all of us to do the same). We are meant to be free in this way and this is the beauty that I’m all about."

- Alana, Founder + CEO

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