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When we think quality + getting closer to nature, silk is the most ideal natural canvas. the process of producing it does not involve the harsh chemicals, pesticides, fertilizers (+ water usage) that cotton + synthetics require. That means less toxicity around the most sacred parts of your body. Beyond this, silk is naturally breathable, cooling + the strongest natural fiber.


**we use nonviolent ahimsa silk because it’s important that we support nature through the entirety of her cycles + allow silk worms to emerge from their cocoons without harm before harvesting fibers.

wild silk worm cocoon_edited.jpg

FUN FACT: there are no ahimsa silk producers in North America, which is why we work with artisan partners from where ethical silks are traditionally made: India. in doing so, we choose to highlight the talent, skilled work + dignity of those artisans by paying fair wages + respecting healthy working hours which take place during daylight hours.

eucalyptus fiber_white_undie and thong.jpg


Made from wood pulp of sustainably harvested trees + produced in a closed-loop process, meaning water is filtered + re-used. It takes far less heat, energy, chemicals + resources to make than other similarly biodegradable fibers, like viscose (bamboo) or cotton.

This material is also what we use for our sewing thread for all our pieces.

our Tencel is sourced from Portugal with the expertise of 120 skilled team members. they use closed-loop systems, repurposing water, minimizing textile waste + using renewable energy. environmental sustainability is central to their production, holding 3rd party certifications like GOTS + BCI (for cotton), OCS (organic content standard), GRS (global recycling standard), OEKOTEX, BLUESIGN, LCA (life cycle assessment).


For years we searched high + low for safely + fully biodegradable elastic, which didn’t readily exist on the market. there also weren't any other options that met our quality needs: buttery + luxurious on skin plus be able to hold up to the everyday job of supporting our beautiful bodies.

Our solve was to partner with the best in elastic to develop a 100% biodegradable band (we really can’t take credit for their science + expertise, but we’re so happy they said yes to trying)!


Our stretch fiber received a Gold Material Health Certificate from Cradle-to-Cradle Product Innovation Institute. More importantly however, it’s reached Hohenstein Environment Compatibility Certification, meaning it breaks down without releasing harmful substances into the environment; In active soil, the yarn is able to decompose to produce CO2 + water, becoming part of the continuous cycle of nature. Even better, it takes natural dyes well, saving water during the dye process. We’re so proud to have asked the right questions, found hard-working partners + been able to bring this dreamy material to you.

biodegradable elastic eco waistband


We work with a local dye house here in LA that uses low impact dyes, which conserve water + energy

we also celebrate the colors of the earth through botanical dyes. that means no harmful chemicals ;) pigments come directly from plants like madder, pomegranate, indigo, turmeric + avocados. This also means that each dyed piece is fully unique.

we're working on some videos, events pages and guides on how to plant dye at home! 

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