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    Our Compassionate Silk Undie was created to reconnect us to Mother Earth's natural cycles. 100%  minimally processed nonviolent silk, meaning silk worms are not harmed as part of our process (unlike traditional silks on the market). Instead, silk worms emerge from their cocoons + continue their intended lifecyle before their fibers are carefully collected and spun in small batches. Because of this, you may see natural imperfections.


     BREATHABILITY, STRENGTH, SOFTNESS, remain at the forefront of these close-to-body beauties. There is no poly/plastic in the fabric like you might see in other undies, so your skin + most sacred parts can rest assured.


    The fibers of our super soft elastic have a Gold Material Health Certificate from the Cradle-to-Cradle Product Innovation Institute. More importantly they have a Hohenstein Environment Compatibility Certification, meaning they can decompose in active soil w/o releasing harmful substances into the environment. Instead, they release  CO2 + water, becoming part of the continuous cycle of nature :)

    • Fun Facts

      + Silk was originally used for parachutes for its strength + elastic properties

      + It takes 3,000 silk worms to produce one pound of silk. That means, in traditional silk production, 10,000 silk worm cocoons are  boiled to produce a silk sari.

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