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    every healing smudge is created from ethically sourced plants, leaves + flowers and bundled by hand in house. burn with care to infuse your favorite spaces w/ a renewed spirit. 


    each ingredient has been traditionally used as medicine or in ritual for generations. we honor the lineages from which the knowledge of these sacred plants is shared. we hope through offering these smudges and info that you are able to take part in that power as as well.


    makes for a loving gift and beautiful way to share.


    hand-bundled bouquet options:

    REFRESH | Motherwort + Lemongrass

    GROUND | Motherwort | Mullein Flower

    WARM | Motherwort | Mullein Flower | Cinnamon Stick



    smudge ingredients bring their own scents, properties and experiences. learn about them below. 

    • motherwort

      The herb has been used during times of transition, into new emotional or physical spaces (traditionally associated w/ shifts into motherhood or menopause). It is a strong and supportive plant associated with relationships, wounds and calls for us to heal our inner daughter as well as to rise and acknowledge a shared Mother Earth.

      Balancer of many systems within the body. As a nervine, it has been used in Chinese Medicine, Native American tradition, by modern herbalists and early Greek Physicians alike to calm nerves, reduce tension and generally ground the nervous system.

      Motherwort has a reputation of supporting cardiovascular function, treating heart palpitations + irregularities related to anxiety— it’s in the scientific name after all, Leonurus cardica, the lion’s heart.

      Nurtures healthy menstrual organ function + cycles (motherwort tinctures, for example, have been traditionally used to help in cases of painful or delayed periods), as well as the endocrine system. 

      When we burn: after getting home after a long day when you're transitioning to settling in and relaxing, before/after showering, to feel grounded after a diffucult conversation

    • mullein flower

      cooling herb that helps drive moisture to the lungs. Traditionally, Native Americans have smoked Mullein for sore throats + lung congestion which makes this a supportive ingredient in cooler months. 

      In addition to relaxing bronchial tissue, it also has been used to release nervous tension. When made into a tea, it has been used to treat a wide range of chest complaints. On top of all this, it has been proven to be beneficial for smokers’ lungs. The leaves and flowers are anodyne, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antispasmodic, astringent, demulcent, diuretic, emollient, expectorant and vulnerary.

    • cinnamon

      offers a warming, grounding essence, so it is a good addition to chillier days. if the smell or intensity of sage is not your thing, cinnamon is a delicious, lighter alternative for clearing out unwanted energy + protecting spaces.

      in Chinese medicine, cinnamon has been used to dispell cold/stagnant energy in the body, treating slow digestion (ie lack of internal fire), to invigorating bodily spaces, like cold hands + feet, with warmth + vitality.

      In Christian tradition, dding cinnamon to holy oils invites passion and uplifts spirit towards the sacred. it has been used throughout the ages to dispell negativity and enhance the protection of a space.

      Foods flavored with cinnamon serve to moderate blood pressure + hypertension, as well as stimulate digestion. As an extract or tea, it also can release oxytocin, which is why it is often associated with love, passion and healing, as well as success and an attractor of wealth.

    • lemongrass

      on its own, its most often used as a tea and to infuse food + soups, but it can also be used as an energizing incense for cleansing + purifying spaces + the self. In the same family as citronella, its scent is gently lemony though more relaxing (In the Paraná state in southern Brazil, lemongrass is a preferred herbal medicine for pain relief and to sedate or calm the central nervous system). The essential oil has shown to be antimicrobial (so much so that it has been added to foods not just to add flavor, but as a traditional preservative), anti-inflammatory, cytotoxic, and antioxidant.


      ours is grown, cut + dried in studio, so we're as close of a source as you can get!

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