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also called seneca grass, holy grass, + wacanga, this very special herb's sweet vanilla-like scent acts as the breath of Mother Earth. When burned, it serves to remind us of essence of the feminine + that the earth, as mother, provides all that we need. It has been used as a powerful smudge for centuries, as well as regarded as purifying + sweet in Northern European religious tradition (it’s often scattered on the ground in front of churches on saints' days so that the fragrance is released as people step over it before they enter church). This sweetgrass is collected + braided by First Nation families.


it makes for a beautifully-scented piece of decor that can bring a bit of nature to your space or it can be burned as incense.


our favorite way to burn + some info from our sourcing partner:

+ please don’t throw away any piece of sweetgrass (it is a sacred plant)

+ bring the end of the braid to the flame + gently rotate

+ use your breath to tend to the lit end of the braid. you want it to slowly smolder + give off smoke rather than visible flames. 

+ gently shake the smudge braid around the area you want to treat.

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    natural elements. a rockscape background that ties in mother nature

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