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Understanding that "seeds are our precious collective inheritance" they work to revitalize native seed + foods practices in order to support the physical + cultural nourishment of future generations. They work to "put the farmers, wild-crafters, fishers, hunters, ranchers, + eaters at the center of decision-making on policies, strategies + natural resource management," while "advocating for + supporting all levels of food security + food sovereignty." 



+ (if you are in a position to) donating directly to their hope + resilience fund 

+ sharing their work w/ your networks + on social media

+ listen to the needs + leaders of indigenous communities

+ keep talking about the work that needs to be done w/ those around you

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indigenous rights. food sovereignty. food security. food equity. food access. salvaging tradition. honoring relationships w/ the land.


They’re tackling plastics— but more importantly our throw-away culture at large, the main root of our plastic consumption. UPSTREAM was founded in 2003 by a group of Zero Waste activists that felt environmental groups were only focused “downstream” or on “end of pipe” solutions like recycling + composting." Their focus is to “redesign the systems generating all the waste in the first place.”


In their words, “a world without waste where people + the planet are treated as undisposable is not only possible - it’s happening right now."



+ Exercise your right to #skipthestuff like utensils + straws when ordering out.


+ Start a #skipthestuff campaign in your community. The goal is to enact local + national policies that require restaurants to ask before adding single-use items to your order


+ Sign on to support the Break Free From Plastics Pollution Act + write/call your legislators

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reuse. end throw-away culture. close the loop. design for zero waste. create a new system.

thanks to the wonderful consideration of Ugly Duckling Presse(a nonprofit publisher of poetry, experimental nonfiction, performance texts, + books by artists), some fantastic resources have been compiled in one place.


"It’s easy to feel overwhelmed...We wanted to put something together that highlights not only essential resources that direct immediate aid to individuals and marginalized communities, but also those that focus on long-term work towards the abolition of police + prisons."


social justice. true equity. all boats rise. defund the police. care over incarceration. people first. decolonize. building a world of inclusion.

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